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Interview with Canadian author Ian G. Watson

Ian G. Watson, author

Ian G. Watson, author

Ian Watson was born and raised in England, arriving in Canada as a young groom with his bride, Tina.  We met when he was looking for an editor and I had no idea at the time that both couples would become such close friends.

Usually quite talkative, although blessed with a soft-spoken, slow, dry British wit, I was surprised at his short answers to my questions. Not one to enjoy the limelight – many authors are introverts – he seemed almost reticent when I proposed the interview suggestion.

Without further hesitation:

1.  Have you always been a story teller?

I got it from my Uncle Edwin, an editor with Sampson-Lowe, and maybe my maternal grandfather.

2.  Is it difficult for you control the urge to insert clever dry humour?

Yes, extremely, and also corny jokes.

3.  Who has been the greatest influence and inspiration in your writing?

Jerome K. Jerome, Neville Shute, P.C. Wren

4. Do you believe in your own talent?


5. Was it difficult to zero in your primary genre?

Yes – still not sure.

6. Are you a “pantser” or a “plotter”?

Definitely a ‘pantser’, but a planner as I chapter-write. I think I’m a ‘Method’ writer.

7. Do the characters you write ever surprise you?

No. Most are based on people I have known in life, others are characters I would like to have known.

8. What genres have you dabbled in only to reject them?

Fantasy. Prediction. Stage drama.

9.  Have you found your niche?  Do you know what kind of writer you want to be when you grow up?

No, probably not. As I am close to 80, I had better grow up awful fast.

10. When will you consider yourself successful?

When I am making regular sales of a successful genre.

Ian’s current genre, mystery/suspense, seems a perfect fit to those of us who are hooked on his writing style. His Wren series does contain that irrepressible wit and tongue-in-cheek humour Ian cannot seem to forsake. His fans are happy about that.

Book one: “The Just’s Umbrella tells of two deadly secrets left from the Second World War; a deadly chemical weapon and a clandestine pact between enemies. If either weapon or pact surfaces, all mankind will face a Third War – the War of Total Annihilation. Two people, newly in love, unravel these mysteries of Secret Conflict and dedicate their lives to World Peace.”

Book two: “Following the short conflict in the Falklands between Argentina and Great Britain, Chris Wren and Doris Judd reprise their Secret War activities against Neo-Nazi fanatics in the Andes Mountains and the South Atlantic. They search for a scuttled submarine laden with treasure and a deadly biological weapon called ‘The Final Solution’. This is a sinister novel set in savage places with murderous people, where savage practises are carried out with unbelievably cruel methods. The ‘Sunless Treasuries’ is a page turner to the end with a twist of plot second to none. Look for a third ‘Secret War Thriller’ with Wren and Judd, ‘The Washington Rose.”

The first two titles of the Wren Series are available through Amazon.ca, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Wren Series



Be watching for, you guessed it, “The Washington Rose”, book three in the series due out later this year.

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