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True stories, well told, Ian Mathie’s African Memoir Series

Author Ian Mathie

Once in a while you discover a writer who has no idea he does it well. When he is also sharing actual events from his adventurous career the words take on even more meaning. Unassuming and humble he is a totally endearing soul.

British author Ian Mathie is this soul. http://www.ianmathie.com/index.htm

Ian grew up in the African bush, his playmates were the children of nearby tribal villages as well as the off spring of his father’s military regiment. They played traditional African games. Ian loved the continent, and does to this day. He speaks many of the languages and is at home in the cultures.

Ian returned to England and attended boarding school and went to become a pilot in the R.A.F. before returning to Africa as a rural development officer. A water resources specialist Ian has chronicled his years of living with village tribes, fully immersed in their cultures, even providing some medical assistance, in his African Memoir Series.

Refreshingly candid and entertaining Ian’s books have even been used as examples of how it’s done in university memoir writing courses.

The years, diseases and some misadventures Taxed his health to the point of needing a triple by-pass, his kidneys failed and he was on dialysis eventually leading to a kidney transplant. He was also shot, but I won’t tell you which book that tale is in.

He is no longer able to travel as much as he would like. Now living in England with his wife and dog, Ian still does speaking engagements and book signings.

Ian’s stories will be released as e-books, hopefully by the end of the year. Published in England the price on this side of the pond is a little steep at present.





The African Memoir Series by Ian Mathie