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It is interesting that someone not wanting to read or edit gratuitous, unnecessary sex gets that label.  As I have mentioned in comments before, I have read books with graphic sex which was, believe it or not, integral to the plot, and it is exceptionally well written.

(Check out Yvonne Hertzberger’s Earth’s Pendulum Series. Book One is ‘Back from Chaos’, Book Two is ‘Through Kestrel’s Eyes’, and Book Three should be out by year’s end. Links below.)

To decide that someone is a prude for preferring  not to read porn is similar to deciding that someone who wants to watch their health and weight does not like or enjoy food. Poppy cock. It does not compute.

I have been married for almost forty-five years to a testosterone rich, totally masculine trucker. You should not need graphics to read between those lines. And between the lines is the best place for most sex in  literature. You are entitled to read whatever you like, and I am not a fan censorship. Adults with free will make their own choices. Enforcing your preferences on others is wrong.

Just be aware that I am equally free to make my choices, and that does not mean I hate anybody.

The polarizing and hate-filled assumptions proliferating on social media are distressing. To hold a belief is automatically assumed to be hating. I am no hater. I love many people with whom I disagree. And I will adamantly defend their right to their own beliefs and opinions.

Down with labels? I wish, but it won’t happen.

This woman has mastered the art.

This woman has mastered the art.

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