New Year, New Goals and Priorities

I find it fascinating how easily and naturally we slip into recap mode as a year on the calendar winds down. We reevaluate, take stock and look back at what has worked and what hasn’t and we begin pondering our options, rethinking decisions and choices. There are definite phases and passages to life.

For me the last several years have been about attracting new clients and the emphasis has been on growth. It has been fun and exciting in the fast lane.

My GPS is re-calculating

A few unexpected, serendipitous events have helped me to realize that I want more time for friends and family. Relationships, both on a personal and a professional level, have risen to the top of my priority list. Quality is more meaningful than quantity.

The importance of balance

I find that I want to concentrate on better serving existing clients. I also need time for other things and for people who have been neglected. Life needs to look different in 2014. When I feel restless it is an indication that it is time to expand some things and rein in others.

This is going to be a year of transition

How are you approaching 2014? Is there a course correction on your horizon?

Unless you are ‘of a certain age’ you will not relate to Guy Lombardo’s orchestra playing Auld Lang Syne. You may even have to be Canadian. I sat with my parents on many a New Year’s Eve and listened to the old year ushered out to this tune. Out with the old.


10 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals and Priorities

  1. That balance is so elusive but ultra important. Without it you end up frustrated and end up not doing anything as well as you would if you kept your priorities in balance. Relationships are crucial to well-being and to productivity. All things in moderation – including moderation. Happy New year. More coffees this year, then, right? 😉

  2. Great post, Wendy. Do you mind if I post it on my Joy’s Choices Blog?

    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas with your family and wishing you a Happy 2014! Joy

  3. Funny thing. I no sooner published this post than I was suddenly swamped with work. I still have the best of both worlds. I am earning a living doing what I love to do, I work from home, and I set my own schedule.

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