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Literary Cyber Bullying

Brutality doesn't make you superior

Brutality doesn’t make you superior

Why is it that often the least qualified to cast stones will write devastating reviews or malicious and slanderous blog posts which disembowel writers who are hoping to make it in an overcrowded marketplace?

These venomous creatures seem oblivious to the fact that they can, indeed, be charged with lible. Bent on destruction, they lob grenades at people for no apparent reason except jealousy.

There have been fake review scandals, and seeding the review cloud does happen, but do your homework before launching a diatribe against specific authors. Contact them directly, contact the people you think may have unfairly praised their work, practice good journalism, ask specific questions, do the research, get the facts.  That is what takes courage. Anything less leaves you looking like a raging lunatic. A rank amateur with a chip on your shoulder. You do not elevate yourself with this tripe. Rabid attacks are cowardly.

People desperate enough to sink to personal attacks on character rather than a rational critique of the comparative merits of a writer’s work reveal alarming things about their own psyches. Give the writer something to which he or she can actually respond. Knives in the back to not deserve any attention whatever.