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The Myth About Introverts & Extroverts–Could You Be an Ambivert?

This is fantastic clarification. I have had people laugh when I tell them I am an introvert because they know me to be ‘exuberant’. I am, however, an introvert, and I come home from events where I have been exuberant utterly drained and hoping I don’t have to deal with anybody for days.

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As humans we tend to think in very black and white terms, but as writers and artists, we are wise to remember that people have many dimensions. What we see is not necessarily true, especially when it comes to labeling others as “introvert” or “extrovert.”

What Does It REALLY Mean to Be an Extrovert or Introvert?

Introversion and extroversion are commonly misunderstood. Just because someone is shy, doesn’t mean she’s an introvert. Someone who is bubbly, gregarious and the life of the party can, in reality, be an introvert. The difference between introverts and extroverts is simply this:

Where do we gain or lose energy?

Introverts are drained by people and need alone time to recharge.

Extroverts are drained by too much time alone. They need human interaction to recharge.

Meet the Ambivert

Many people fall into what is called an ambivert, meaning they exhibit traits of both. If you…

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Claire Lautier’s Grasse Roots Perfumery is a Local Treasure

Non-Migraine triggering scent is possible

“Many of the unpleasant effects that people experience when exposed to mainstream perfumes are caused by synthetic chemicals in those fragrances.  Most people who cannot tolerate mainstream fragrances can enjoy natural perfume.  This extends to workplace policies banning scent, as those really should apply to mainstream fragrance.  But awareness about natural perfume isn’t wide enough yet to raise the awareness around that issue.  People assume they’re allergic or react poorly to all perfumes, rather than the toxic ingredients in commercial fragrance.

“Having said that, it’s important to realize that just because a perfume is natural doesn’t mean a person can’t have an allergic response.  Essential oils and other fine perfumery botanicals are potent substances that must be respected.  You should always do a patch test with any product you wear directly on the skin.

“All raw materials are not created equal.  Remember the cocoa absolute! (Claire allowed us to compare a few that had differing quality and we were amazed.~ Wendy)

“Most of us have grown up in a world laden with the synthetic equivalents of real natural smells.  The world is so chemicalized on every level it’s no wonder so many of us experience multiple sensitivities nowadays.  Returning to natural smells makes me feel whole and connected to the earth again.  It’s very healing.” ~Claire Lautier

I am a migraine sufferer. I run into serious trouble in the soap aisle at the grocery store. My friend Melissa is in the same mess, but we both discovered something wonderful on April 22.

“You know when you find something special. Claire is one of the truly extraordinary people. There is so much care and love in these amazing perfumes you will never go back to commercially produced products again. As a serious migraine sufferer, a huge myth was dispelled for me today … natural fragrances, created in natural form, simply open the senses to beauty and do not create migraine triggers! What a lovely discovery to feel pretty again … after years of forgoing scents! Thank you so much Claire Lautier for the delightful afternoon!” ~ Stratford resident and caterer Melissa Roach

Grasse Roots Perfumery owner Claire Lautier (  is an accomplished and successful actor who has always had a love of natural fragrance.

Claire grew up in the Mediterranean Basin and can trace her lineage back for generations in France and Algeria. Her family roots are in the south of France not far from Grasse and one of the most important distillers of essential oils and perfumes from 1795 to the early 1900s in Grasse was called Lautier Fils. (Lautier Brothers)

Claire is a musician, singer and professional actor. Her natural creativity combined with continuing study and experimentation has given her a fondness and respect for the art of natural perfumery.

Grasse Roots is expanding its products to include the Awaken Jewellery  line to complement the liquid and solid perfumes, bath salts and lip balm.

Using only *certified organic essential oils Claire makes every perfume herself, by hand, right in Stratford.

The official website is being updated right now, but you can find Grasse Roots on Facebook and Twitter. Photos are below the links.

Claire played the Central Park reporter in the movie ‘Elf” in 2003.