Archive | April 18, 2013

Why I work in cyberspace from a home office…


I debated a little about sharing this. Most introverts don’t wear much of ANYTHING ‘on their sleeve’.

About a decade ago I was looking for full-time employment. As any self-employed person knows, income can be sporadic. The first job I ever had was in a bank and I applied for the position of financial adviser with an investment firm.

“Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Who knew that being genuinely concerned for the well-being of the clients would be considered negative?

 Condensed a little for space, this is what their testing revealed about me…

Organized and creative: enjoy being methodical, conscientious, efficient. Set high standards for yourself. Take pride in accuracy and paying attention to details. Enjoy work environment to be structured, orderly, well-organized. You enjoy filing systems, data management, computer based work, with creative license.

Comfortable by yourself, working alone. At ease in small groups that do not require a lot of socializing. You think best in solitude and quiet. Uncomfortable meeting new people. Prefer being with people you already know well. Rarely call attention to yourself.  You prefer to take a methodical and organized approach to life, doing things to the very best of your ability. Yet when things need to be done quickly you know what corners can be cut. You work hard at striking an appropriate balance between efficiency and exactness in your work. For simple tasks you enjoy not having to pay attention to details. For more complicated tasks, you prefer to spend the time necessary to carefully review your work, ensuring that it is up to standard.

You need a career in which you are able to help others. You place high value on work settings where you can gage the thoughts and feelings of people. You like to focus on the task at hand, not juggle multiple tasks. Client care/customer service is very high on your priority list. You dislike working in formal relationships or having to be reserved in your interpersonal relationships. You form genuine bonds with people. You value activities where you are able to have direct, positive impact on the situations of other people.