No Sugar Coating

True Crime by Zach Fortier-It's a cesspool out there

True Crime by Zach Fortier-
It’s a cesspool out there

I recently refused to help to promote a book, which was very ’50 Shades of Gray’-esque. I will agree that some sex in books is not always a bad thing. But there was tons and tons in this one. Not negotiable.

But my editing does include crime novels, and yes, there are some nasty things happening in those, too. But I do not read or edit erotica, porn, anything macabre, vampires or things of that nature.

Right now I am actively promoting author Zach Fortier’s books about his real-life experiences working thirty years of night  shifts on city and county police forces. He exposes corruption within these departments, deals with PTSD in ‘first response’ professionals, tells-it-like-it-is in the real world.

These are graphic, gruesome, violent, real events, worthy of Stephen King, uncensored and happening under your nose in your city every day. It would seem some of my connections are deeply offended by this.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

I have not only read the books, I will go on record as admitting to having edited the re-released versions. It is alarming, eye-opening material.

I believe in God and seek to follow Him 24/7. I know we are admonished to discern the signs of the times and ‘watch ye therefore’, as events unfold in this age. Clearly, not everyone can read this kind of thing. Don’t offend your conscience. You must be true to your standards.

The truth is not always appreciated, we all have baggage, most of us have sore points, and we need to respect that. I think it is easier to pray ‘Thy kingdom come’, though, when you know what is happening in your wholesome neighborhood.

At the very least, anybody considering a career in law enforcement should read these books.

Purchase books, read reviews and synopses here:

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6 thoughts on “No Sugar Coating

  1. I wish Zach all the best. Many like this kind of book and even learn good things from them. Crime novels are popular. As fro me, I’ve had enough ‘real’ in my own past that I cannot invite more in.

    • Oh, I hear you Yvonne, and that is why I said people should not offend their own conscience. There are things I cannot handle hearing about, let alone reading, and I avoid those adamantly. I have been criticized for that as well. But we must be the keepers of our minds.
      Remember those who elect to put their psyche on the line to protect us day and night. They are hated and disparaged constantly, and it is little wonder so many crack.

  2. Wow. I’m shocked that you read 50 Shades then given your problem with sex in books. I couldn’t complete it though I was more put off by the lame writing than the fake sex. Funny how people can be offended by something as natural as sexual relationships and encounters yet perfectly content to contemplate nailing a man to a cross. I’m more disturbed by the latter over the pretend sex in books. If my characters are led to have some(sex) and if it’s integral to the story sex will happen in all its graphic glory and it’s a technical sort of writing for me. But throw in the pain of the human experience and I bawl my way through with compassion and sorrow. With regard to reading I’m easier with fiction however as I know it’s just people following the muse of creation. To each his own. Cheers.

      • compared it to 50 Shades so I figured to do so you would have had to read it. That confused me…50 Shades, the bit I read(because I would never judge a book that I hadn’t even attempted to read), is so lame and poorly written it hardly counts..she doesn’t use proper terminology and that doesn’t mean she uses the naughty terminology you would’s actually…not that explicit with all its inner Goddess and flower nonsense…piece of ridiculous trite. I recently read a book called Rosie O’Dell and it was graphic in places..far more graphic than anything I read in 50 Shades. But it was very necessary to the story because I don’t think you could have understood the motivation of the character the same if you kind of sugar coated the graphic parts. Yet some people were highly offended by the sex. It was one of the finest books I’ve ever read. To each his own but the story was incredibly powerful and the insight into the behavior and thoughts of people in certain difficult situations was truly illuminated. But then. I’m in no way a prude when it comes to sex or writing about it. It’s life. Of course now I must find this book with all the sex to see what the fuss is all about! ha!

  3. I have friends who read it, and one said it was the best love story she ever read. I guess beauty truly in the eyes of the beholder. You raise a valid point as far as commenting on a book one has not read. It is difficult not to draw conclusions based on hype in this case though.

    If you want graphic, even violently graphic, but utterly necessary to the story, and beautifully done, try Back from Chaos by Yvonne Hertzberger.

    My issue with some books is not sex per se. Anyone believing sex is not in the Bible has never read Song of Solomon. I won’t get into the prude debate. I am not one. I just don’t think sex for the sake of sales is the way to go.

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