Archive | February 26, 2013

Piranha in the Cyber Pool?


Circus barkers, snake oil salesmen, con artists, fraudsters, those who want to tell you how you, too, can become rich sitting at your computer in your pajamas. It is so simple. You can be richer than you ever dared to dream. How? They will reveal all of the secrets to millions in cyber sales for a mere $6000 for their software/book/cd/webinar course/scam du jour.

Sadly, it is not lazy do-nothings who are being hoodwinked by these guys. It is desperate people in a self-destructing economy who are literally being told to spend their last dime on this (they even offer financing if the victims are already bankrupt), and to hurry because the window of opportunity is brief, probably less than a few hours, and then they will be out of luck forever.

Whatever happened to “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”?

There ARE people making money, but they are the fear peddlers who are bilking innocents out of theirs.

Wake up please. Notice that these charlatans are parading the same FEW “success stories” in front of you over and over again. Where are the legions who have found unbelievable wealth raking in orders and having goods drop shipped, lifting no more than a few fingers to the keyboard only moments a day? How much evidence, how much proof, are they really offering you, while whipping you into an excited frenzy of mass euphoria?

Get it while it’s hot. Grab it now or it’s gone. And people trip over one another racing to the “associates” or “counselors” who are standing by to help them sign off their good name and credit rating.

I have attended these things. I will admit it. I have been swept up in a sense of panic, the fear that if I don’t grab the brass ring now all hope of success and stability are gone. They even SAY as much, and then quickly add “results-not-typical-yours-will-vary”. Why don’t we hear that?

It is said, tongue in cheek, designed to get the audience of “marks” giggling instead of heeding, and even though these well-trained and entertaining people speak the truth for that instant only, nobody grasps the implications. Legally, they are covered. And the lemmings run right over the cliff.