I can live without it, thank you.

Just because it happens doesn't mean I want to watch.

Just because it happens doesn’t mean I want to watch.

I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. Our Amish are called Mennonite here. As a faith and culture the community is not without hypocrisy or secrets but I enjoy the novels about these people because I can count on them to be safe for any age group, uplifting and wholesome.

Hopelessly out of touch? Idealistic and naïve? I don’t mind.

Here’s a simple question. Are there things you will not do in the conduct of your job or business for moral or ethical reasons, regardless of how this decision may impact you financially? Is the bottom line always dollars and cents?

The art world is comprised of every imaginable segment of society. All men and women, of every creed, colour/color, faith or orientation are of equal intrinsic value. There is little that is objective about art. Even its definition can be open to debate.

There is a market for every form of art that any human mind can devise and create.

You could be excused for thinking that editors are not censors, and you would be right in that no editor has the right to decide what any person may see or appreciate.

No human being, regardless of profession, is obligated to read or view anything he or she finds personally disturbing. Once an image is in the mind it will continue to crop up, unbidden, at random times, and there are images I do not want in my mind in the first place.

Gratuitous sexuality, with or without pictures, is something I can do without. There are things I simply do not need to know about people whether they are real or fictitious characters. No matter what the story, or how much a part all of this ‘love’ played in it, I am of the opinion that these things are not necessary unless you are writing pornography; which, incidentally, I will not edit. You can elude to it. I will get the picture. But please leave me on the other side of your bedroom door.

I am not trying to force my sensibilities onto anybody. I don’t preach or point fingers. I just reserve the right to choose for myself the types of material I will read. I am not a prude. I have been married for forty-five years and we have three children.

If you are offended because I won’t edit or aggressively promote something that means the world to you, I do apologize. But I won’t compromise. Thanks for understanding.


6 thoughts on “I can live without it, thank you.

  1. I won’t write erotica or porn either, but I do think there are times when a tastefully written sex scene is necessary to a story. On the other hand, I think those can be written best without graphic descriptions of body parts. For me, the emotional aspects of these scenes are the most important.

    • I agree with you. And in the books you have written what you wrote was tasteful and necessary to the plot. But you left it at that. Once a relationship has been established in a reader’s mind, a blow-by-blow of every future encounter is not at all necessary.

  2. I will take a moment here to recommend Yvonne as a top notch author of believable fantasy, with incredible characters (you may even fall in love, eh hem), always in good taste, but graphic where nothing else will do. Looking forward to the next book!

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