Age. Stability. Experience. Does it work for you or against you?

Experience and Wisdom.Often a Good Thing.

Experience and Wisdom.
Often a Good Thing.

Stratford Ontario sketch artist Al McKerracher did this caricature of me some time ago. I was not sure I would ever use it. Then I had a conversation with a few people in the arts and I decided it was time.

Ageism. It is nothing new. Even in our society, where Baby Boomers make up the biggest bulge in the population demographic, youth still rules.

I know actors who stand against age discrimination and fight for meatier roles.  They are vibrant people who don’t want a gray wig, a cardigan and a rocking chair on a porch. Some who are just approaching middle age find themselves wondering if they got this far in their careers on talent, or did youth and looks play a larger part  than they were aware.

There is something about being steady, dependable, experienced, tried-and-true, that does, indeed, seem to work in my favour. (‘Favor’, without the ‘u’, for my American clients.) I appreciate it, but it is not fair.

The dynamic women (and men) with whom I rub shoulders are multi-talented with a wealth of experience, all of which should be valued and fully marketable.

These people, with so much to offer, should not have to begin working behind the cameras, or be forced into teaching their craft instead of continuing to work productively doing what they love and know so well.

That is my little vent for this evening.

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