Free Mammograms

Help American Women With the Fight

Help American Women With the Fight

Your daily 'quick click' saves lives.

Personally, I think thermography is better, but it is not available in my town and I do get a mammogram every two years. We are truly blessed in Canada. At least in Ontario. Our mammograms are covered by OHIP, our universal health care.

In the United States, however, women must pay for the mammograms and millions simply cannot afford it.

Sign up for a daily email reminder, and click every day. It will take less than 60 seconds of your time and cost you nothing.

Male or female, you can click every day. And if you research it you will discover that men do get breast cancer.

This is painless. Please click every day.




2 thoughts on “Free Mammograms

  1. Wendy, this is a wonderful idea to remind women to get a mammogram! I do believe, however, that as of 2014 in the U.S. President Obama’s health care reform goes into effect and will force health insurance companies to PAY FOR mammograms for all women no matter their ability to pay or not. I myself have NOT had to pay for mammograms since 2000 – when my husband put me on his health plan – so now our health insurance company pays for my mammograms. I get a mammogram every year since I have a family history of breast cancer (my mom had it and she is a 17-year-survivor, and my sister also had it and she is a 5-year-survivor!).

  2. That is great news Rosanne, and I sincerely hope that happens. So many are opposed to his health care package, one just never knows. I have never had to pay for a mammogram, or a visit to the hospital or doctor. There are flaws in our Canadian system, but I am truly grateful for it. Before universal health care my parents went bankrupt, twice, because of Mom’s medical bills.

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