Beverley is a friend and fellow follower of Jesus. A few of the items on her list of “how to be courteous” hit me between the eyes. I shall take my lumps and work at strengthening this attributel


The horn shaped vegetable usually orange in color is the Carrot.

Love Carrots.

Carrots are a goldmine of nutrients including carotene. I love to take a fresh carrot from the garden, wash it and eat it raw. It’s a delicious treat. The sweetness of carrots allows the vegetable to be used in some fruit -like roles. Grated carrots are used in carrot cakes  [my favorite] and puddings.


Yes, Carrots are good for your eyes.
Have you ever seen rabbits wearing glasses said dad with a grin. ☺

I often receive recipes including recipes using carrots courtesy of Chef Mr. C.

‘Courtesy’wow that’s a cool word. Courtesy is the excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior.
If you are gracious and courteous to strangers surely you are laying a wonderful character foundation..

Courtesy is a form of respect, and being considerate of people’s feelings, culture within reason, and values.
 • IF trying…

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