I have a sideline.

Resume Ad

I live in a manufacturing town. We have a world renowned Shakespearean Festival and a prolific artistic community, but most of this fair city works in less visible industries.

When the bottom fell out of the manufacturing sector a few years ago I began to receive requests for assistance in creating resumes and drafting effective cover letters.

We live in an age in which often nothing is on paper. Most job postings are specific. They ask you to FAX or email your resume. Responding in any other way than the method requested takes you out of the running, did you know that? It is the first test of compliance. If you cannot follow that simple instruction you are shooting yourself in the foot.

This situation makes obtaining a quality resume at an affordable price quite easy. We need never meet. We correspond via email. I send you your documents and you own them. (Save the original drafts so you don’t lose them when you tweak something for a particular position.)

I have a document on resume and interview tips that you will find valuable and it is FREE for the asking, whether or not you hire me to do your resume. Simply email me at wendyreisediting@gmail.com

Let’s get started.

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