There are no perfect books and few writers succeed.

Most books go through a minimum of three edits.  Line edits, copy edits, continuity edits, final proofreading. At big publishing houses different editors do each stage. Fresh eyes.  And even then, if you have read any best sellers lately, you will notice things that all of those eyes missed.
Wise authors edit their own work three times before it even goes to a professional editor. Slash and burn, trim and cut, no matter how painful, and then search for inconsistencies.
It is all part of the process. I think new writers hope they can turn out a flawless product, first try, and become rich overnight. In truth, most never earn their investment back. It has ever been thus, but the advent of self-publishing has convinced many who might never have attempted it before to put something out there.
In one LinkedIn discussion recently a would-be-author asked for a way to create massive sales with little investment or work. I assume he asked the question with a straight face. When it comes to our own hopes and dreams most of us are not plugged in to reality.
I deal primarily with writers who believe in God and care about living accordingly. I do this because I do not want to read horror, eerie stuff or porn. I am often asked to pray for the success of their work. It might be wise to remember that millions of people of faith are praying to be successful authors. You don’t have to do the math to realize that most will learn lessons in disappointment.
If you are counting on your book or books to pay for your retirement please have a Plan B. I wish you well.

2 thoughts on “There are no perfect books and few writers succeed.

  1. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for writing the truth about our profession! As a publisher, I have encountered aspiring writers who thought I could make them rich & famous overnight. And once when I told one writer to please do a “self-edit” then re-submit to me because I only have the time to do ‘minor’ editing on my contributors’ work and also because her article was rambling on, she never re-submitted to me ever again. Her loss. It is unfortunate that aspiring writers think once they are published just one time, they automatically get recognition and riches. I am sharing your post today in hopes that aspiring writers read it and will be helped by it! Thanks again for writing this post!

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