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You are you. It is truer than true.

There is no-one alive who is youer than you. ~ Dr. Seuss

You are in business. You have a product line, or a service. You are an artist, be it entertainer, composer, writer, singer, painter, sculptor, designer. You are entrepreneurial, you must self-promote, self-market. In order to do that you necessarily rub elbows with others doing the same thing. They are not always in your field, in fact they rarely are, but something about cross-promotion can work in any case.

Maintain integrity at all times. Do not cross-promote a person, service or product you wouldn’t or couldn’t use. Always be aware that people in some circles, some business communities, have a natural tendency to feel that they outclass others.

If you are intuitive you will pick up on it, no matter how well concealed. That doesn’t make their talent, product or service unworthy of your promotion, or more worthy than yours, and it doesn’t mean you are actually in some lower station by virtue of being assigned to it in their opinion, humble or otherwise.

Are you still impressed or intimidated by those with whom you hob nob? Performers enjoy putting themselves out there, but other creative people are in professions requiring contemplative and tranquil environments. Social situations, especially ones in which you are required to toot your own horn, produce anxiety. Do it anyway.

I’m rooting for you. ¬†Wendy

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