Regal Tunnel Vision


Royal Blind Spots.

Prince Harry’s naked-in-Vegas-adventure is still fresh in the memory. A lot of us are old enough to remember the topless pictures of Sarah.   Fewer of us are old enough to remember the raunchy romp Princess Margaret and a rock star shared on a beach.

William is painfully aware of his mother’s torture at the hands of the  paparazzi. Aware of all of this, what was he thinking? No stranger to the curse of the telephoto lens, he could not possibly have expected to get away with having his topless bride go unnoticed.

Kate has filed an unprecedented lawsuit. The magazine claims it is because she knows they also have pictures of the couple having sex.

I have been a monarchist since I was 9 years old. I stood not twenty feet from the Queen and Duke in High Park, Toronto, in 1959 when they did a fifty-nine day tour of Canada and opened the St. Lawrence Seaway with President Eisenhower.

We all knew that William and Kate, and Edward and Sophie, lived together before they married, but it was where it belonged, behind closed doors. While this latest goof up tugs on my sympathies, especially if the rumours are true and Kate is pregnant–abc-news-celebrities.html, and I would hate to see her cry her way through her pregnancy the way her late mother-in-law did, these two young people should have had enough experience with the ferocious press to employ more wisdom.

Nothing done out of doors, anywhere, should be considered private.

Grow up.

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