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New abode for my blog…

If you are accustomed to finding me here and you are a subscriber (or wish to be, or even just to keep tabs) please join me here on WordPress.

The switch to WordPress was something I resisted adamantly for over a year. I resent the fact that I cannot comment on a WordPress blog unless I HAVE a WordPress blog. Anything that restrictive is attempting to garner a monopoly and control us as if we were puppets. Grrrr.

Alas, sigh…What were my options?

I know many who have had a struggle similar to the proverbial pulling of teeth to convince “friends” to become fans of their pages on Facebook when they wanted to move everything over there. In fact, I have passively resisted it myself. We don’t like to move. A simple click is just too much trouble and it feels as if we are being jerked around. I am settled in nicely here, thank you, I don’t plan on following you blindly. 

I’m easy. Switch to this blog. Or don’t. I still love you.


No juvenile but definitely delinquent

In my defence I will tell you I have been on vacation. Camping, in fact. Well, my version of it includes a fridge and mini bathroom. But I was not connected to the Internet.

Editors must be susceptible to many of the afflictions of authors. We do work in close proximity after all. Therefore I feel no guilt about confessing to writer’s block.

Work is picking up and I expect to be quite busy this summer and into the autumn. Contact me if you need a space in the queue.