Archive | June 15, 2012

Why WordPress? Why now?

I am finally going to a WordPress blog because it is so difficult to function without one. If you want to comment on anyone’s WordPress blog you almost need a WordPress identity. I enjoyed the Weebly blog, and it is a page on my own website which made a lot of sense to me when the object of the game is to drive traffic to it. I will not delete the page. I have a few years of posts there.

I was told this one was easier to use and navigate but I am still on the learning curve. While I am at it, though, I also set up a personal blog for posting ‘what not’ about our private lives for friends and family. My sisters and I are about to embark on a two week almost-camping trip (in an RV, the closest I plan to get to roughing it) and I would like to be able to share the progress as we go along as we are able to link to wifi now and then.

Thanks for joining me here!